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Our Model

We are building a global SOLAGEO social franchise network of local solar enterprises, including Solar Home System distributors and Solar Microgrid and Minigrid companies serving off-grid and weak grid communities.

Through an Internet of Energy   (IoE) Portal,  we  leverage technology solutions to provide local franchisees with access to the solar products and, importantly, the product and business support services they need to scale their local businesses and accelerate reliable electricity access in their local markets

Challenges Faced by Local Enterprises

  • Managing global supply chains to ensure reliable and timely delivery of products. 

  • Juggling cash flows between product suppliers requiring upfront payment for large order quantities and collecting small payments from individual customers over as many as 12 months.  

  • Access to product warranties, spare parts and instructions to effectively service and maintain products. 

  • Access to business knowledge to better manage and grow one’s local business.

  • Impact assessment tools to seamlessly track the social, economic and environmental impact of the business for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • Mobile phone-based market survey tools to gather market data that informs on-going business development. 


Solutions Offered to SOLAGEO Franchisees

  • Exclusive smart, branded solar products designed specifically for off-grid and weak-grid markets. 

  • Online access to product literature, manuals and other resources to effectively market, sell and service all product.

  • Access to training resources to help franchisees scale their local solar business.

  • Global logistics support to efficiently and cost-effectively manage product shipments to local markets.

  • Mobile phone-based survey tools to gather market data and seamlessly track the social, economic and environmental impact in their local communities.

  • Digital tools to manage products distributed to widely dispersed rural households, small businesses and institutions and the recurring payments for those products.

  • By providing transparency and accountability to finance partners, we support qualified franchisees to access the financing needed to extend affordable and reliable electricity access to end-users, and to scale their local businesses.

Interested in Joining our Family of SOLAGEO Social Franchisees

You are…

  • an established,  revenue-generating solar company operating in and serving off-grid and weak-grid communities in Developing Asia, Africa or Latin America.

  • committed to building a financially-viable and ethical business that improves livelihoods in your local communities through sustainable energy access.

  • interested in joining a global family of solar enterprises with similar values; willing to collect market and impact data that can be shared with all Solageo franchisees for their mutual benefit.

Becoming a Solageo Social Franchisee

  • Contact Us

  • Complete and submit our Application, together with supporting documents

  • At present, we are recruiting franchisees operating in East Africa, but will expand gradually to other regions in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Partner with us.

Join us and be part of our global family of solar enterprises serving off-grid and weak-grid markets.