We realize that financing can be crucial to enable local enterprises to extend clean energy product access to their local communities. Financing needs exist at different levels: End-consumer financing that can be facilitated through micro-finance institutions; credit facilities to help your business with its on-going cash flow management needs; project financing for micro-grid or other similar scale local projects; trade financing to enable purchases from overseas suppliers.

While we are not a finance institution, our passion is to extend clean energy product access for which financing is essential. As such, we expect to work with our partners to gather information on their financing needs and to share those specific financing requirements with a global network of finance organizations. By collectively pooling the financing needs of our partners, we aim to provide them with access to financing solutions that can best meet their needs.


It has been estimated that for many businesses around the world product cost is less than 50% of the total cost they incur to acquire product. Shipping, duties, taxes, as well as special processes such as Certificates of Conformity, and documents such as Certificates of Origin can easily account for the majority of costs a local enterprise will incur. Inefficiencies in supply chains to many developing regions of the world can further increase shipping related costs. Furthermore, mis-handling of logistics arrangements can easily consume all of a company’s profits or even lead to a loss, not only of profit margins, but, perhaps even of the goods themselves.

Our intent is to work with our partners to best understand their shipping needs and to then propose the most viable and best value shipping options. The 3 primary shipping options would be Courier, Air Freight and Sea Freight. We have experience in handling all 3 types of shipments and have established relationships with different shipping service providers with expertise in shipments to different regions of the world.

We also aim to work with our partners to facilitate order consolidation with other partners so as to be able to ship full containers by Sea Freight or higher volume Air Freight shipments so that the shipping cost per unit can be lower for all participating organizations. In addition, as the volume and frequency of shipments grows, we would work closely with the logistics service providers to ensure the most competitive shipping rates so we can help to further reduce the per unit shipping cost for our partners.


Can we place orders for product that is less than the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) listed for each item?

We work directly with qualified manufacturers or suppliers of proprietary product solutions. Manufacturers do not keep stock but make to order only and the MOQs listed are the minimum quantities the manufacturers require to produce a new batch of goods. Proprietary product suppliers may keep stock, in which case there is flexibility on MOQs. Also, there may be more flexibility on MOQs for higher dollar value product. Initially orders will need to be based on the MOQ listed for each item. However, we are already working on developing processes to efficiently consolidate small quantity order requests in order to attain the MOQ required by each supplier.

Can we obtain better pricing for product if our order quantity is much higher than the Minimum Order Quantity listed for each item?

Yes. Prices listed are based on the corresponding MOQ indicated. If you have a requirement for a larger order quantity, please send us an e-mail with more details and we can gladly review your request and get back to you with any better offers based on your order quantity request.

Is any product warranty offered?

Standard product warranty would be one year from shipment date. Warranty terms for select products may vary.

Do products have international safety testing?

Most, but not all products have international safety testing such as to IEC standards or CE certification. Small size solar panels, for example, ordinarily do not have safety testing, but can be expected to be of comparable quality as larger size panels which have undergone testing to IEC standards. We place a high value on product quality and only offer products that meet our quality requirements.

Can you arrange shipment of goods to our country, either to the nearest port facility or even to our local warehouse?

Yes. Please review our ‘Shipping Options’ section for further details.

What are the standard payment terms?

Standard payment terms are 50% deposit with balance payment before goods ship, or a deposit plus irrevocable, transferable, Letter of Credit issued by or confirmed by a tier 1 bank based in an OECD country.

What if we do not find a product that we are looking for?

The intent of the SOLAGEO marketplace is to understand what your local needs are and to then undertake the due diligence to procure or develop the most appropriate, affordable and best quality clean energy products that meet your requirements. The products currently listed are those for which our previous market research indicates there is a need for. The current product range will be gradually expanded. In addition, we gladly welcome your input about product needs you have which our current product offerings do not meet. As our network of partners grows, we also expect to regularly survey our partners to ensure that our product offerings are consistent with their needs.

Can you help us in procuring a select range of products for our particular market needs?

While our primary focus is serving the needs of the visitors to the SOLAGE Marketplace, we can discuss customized product procurement services for your enterprise. Please send us an e-mail with more information about your request.

We have our own design for a Solar Lantern. Can you help with manufacturing the item?

Yes. There are many existing clean energy product solutions and many new ones invented to, perhaps, better meet the needs of local, under-served communities. As part of our mission to support clean energy product access, we can support product inventors to more efficiently scale up the manufacturing of their propriety solution. Please send us more details and we can see if we can assist. Or else, we can at least help to point you in the right direction if we cannot support your particular product development needs.

We would like to list our products on your site. How can we do so?

To ensure that we only offer quality products in the SOLAGEO marketplace, we undertake a due diligence process to qualify each product and the manufacturing facility where the product is made. This is a resource-intensive process and we are working on establishing more standard procedures so product inventors and other owners of proprietary products can gain access to our global marketplace and reach a global network of buyers world-wide. Please send us more information on your products to begin with, and we will contact you to further discuss.